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Is video card a factor in creation of eDrawings file?

Question asked by Dave Dyjak on May 1, 2012
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I am using Solidworks 2011 sp5 64bit and when I save my assembly to eDrawings Pro sp5 it does not maintain the colors I have for my parts.

I always select a material type for my parts then go to the Display Manager tab on the browser, right click on the Appearance created for that material and select Edit Appearance then I change the color. I do not change the colors in the assembly I always do it in the part file.

I am consistent on how I do this but when my assemblies are saved to eDrawings format it will display some parts in the color I set but most show up in the standard color for the material which is usually a shade of grey for steel parts.

My question is this. Is the video card and driver a factor in the creation of an eDrawings file?

I am using SW2011 sp05 and eDrawings Pro 2011 sp05.

My card is NOT approved Radeon HD 6850 with newest driver 8.850.0.0

I do basic machine design and yes I am a gamer also. This card is doing a good job in both worlds.

Also had the same problem using SW2009 sp0, eDrawings Pro and a ATI HD 3850 card.

Frame SW2011sp5.JPG

This is a save as JPG from SolidWorks 2011 sp05.

frame edrawin.jpg

In eDrawings Pro the color is not saved in the file.


I had the same results with SW2011 sp0 and standard eDrawings.

I also had this in about 2004 with an APPROVED card and driver. The fix was install the updates.

So $2,500 for service and Pro eDrawings, install all updates. No change.

My video card supports open GL and I am using the software open GL.

If this is truly a video card related problem, it is the only one that I have.


A valued reply would be from a programmer that can explain why the video card is involved in a file export.