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Is solidworks precise enough for an accurate guitar model?!?

Question asked by Bob Jones on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Can solidworks be used to model very precisely an actual guitar with pivot points, relief, nut and bridge adjustments, etc and get pretty accurate results?


Basically with a guitar even a mil or two off in adjustments can effect the intonation. Many times the effects from multiple adjustments can combine in wierd ways and a few mils off here and a few there can cause major problems.


I'm mainly interested in seeing how different adjustments and modifications will effect intonation but it would be nice to also see how different materials and geometries would effect timbre. Can solidworks handle this easily internally if all the mates, materials, and parts are correct? For example, can I model a wound steel string on such a guitar and determine fret buzz given certain adjustments? If I were to design a special nut or bridge can solidworks predict with a high degree of certainty how it will be have in the real world?


I imagine the issue is only one of precision and accuracy and not the modeling itself. (after all, a guitar is just a collection of parts with mechanical connections)


The two hardest things to model, I believe, will be the strings and the bow in the neck(which may be accomplished by modeling a truss rod?)? Would be cool to be able to accurately model a floating bridge.


What I'm interested in is understanding how the mechanical aspects of adjustments effect intonation but it should be accurate enough to carry over into the real world.