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System resources running low

Question asked by Tanner Moore on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Tanner Moore

Recently I was awarded a new computer at work to handle running SolidWorks and Mastercam simultaneously. It is a powerful computer but I'm disappointed with an error I have been receiving in SolidWorks. After opening a few jobs in a day, I get notice that the system resources are running low, which prevents me from opening up any more SolidWorks files. I am forced to close SolidWorks out and start it up again to reset the resource consumption.


My computer is a Dell Precision T3500 with a Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.80 GHz processor, 12 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 4000 video card, and 64 bit Windows 7. I'm running Microsoft Outlook, Mastercam X6 for router level 1, and SolidWorks 2012. In my opinion that should be sufficient to run SolidWorks all day long without issue. I'm only opening about 20-50 files per day, none of which are massive assemblies or exceptionally complex parts. No more than 25 part drawing files would be open at any one time, and usually it is only a file or two at a time. It almost seems as though SolidWorks is still trying to process or maintain details of files that are already closed out. Is there a possibility that I have some sort of option switched on that shouldn't be?


I'm open to pretty much any suggestion to alleviate this problem, because I'm quite dismayed to find that this new computer is still being bogged down by basic tasks.