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Mate Reference - Chaining

Question asked by Michael Kohlmann on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Jody Stiles

Hey All,


I think the answer is "Not possible", but I figured I'd ask anyways.


What I am trying to do is quickly create a fence made of identical panels. By hand, I would typically mate each panel to the floor, then take the two panels and mate Left side to Right side, and continue that way for however many panels I needed... (Note: the panels are not symmetrical, all the fronts have to face the outside, and all the backs have to face the inside of the fence)


I thought it would be useful to add a mate reference to automatically mate Floor to Floor, and Left Side to Right side, so that I could drag and drop each panel, and they automatically snap into place.


Unfortunately, what ends up happeneing during the drag and drop is the two parts get mated directly on top of each other. (ie. Left side to Left Side, Right side to Right side), so instead of a fence, I have 2 panels occupying the same space.


Can anyone think of a quick way to "Drag and Drop" these panels so they automatically mate? I think I am out of luck and will just have to do the Left to Rights by hand. At least the floor mate works well.