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    Part types for EPDM components

    Robert Kalsow


      We are implementing EPDM to be the product definition tool for our startup medical device company. In addition to our solidworks MCAD models/asemblies and drawings we will also have electronic components, documents,... that will be part or the product defintion. Does anyone have a "masterlist" of part types (ECAD and MCAD) I could use as the basis for setting up our system.


      Am I crazy to use EPDM as the sole product definition tool? (Can't afford to validate EPDM and Agile so trying to do it all with EPDM).




      Thanks in advance for any help/advise.

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          Tim Read

          There are two "lists"...


          Filetypes that can be added / controlled by EPDM - ALL


          Filetypes that can have variables linked to parameters in the file / automate tasks like printing to pdf, etc using Built In EPDM functionallty - Limited to Solidworks, Microsoft Office.


          Of course, with a little effort then you can link variables in other filetypes and automate tasks but you have to start adding functionality through the API.

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            Ryan Reid

            I woudl say that yes you are crazy, crazy like a fox! if you are a small company and have fairly simple process mangement then i could see ways of getting done what you want.  it will take some programing help from your VAR or other sources but I think its a great idea.  my company is too big and too engrained with our current MRP.  good luck though!