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Smart component features suppress from excel design table

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Apr 27, 2012

Hello there


I have the following scenario, I don't know weather is a logic thing to do in SolidWorks nor it is stable or optimal


I have a master assembly that I control the suppression states of some components from an excel configurator interface (it uses drop-down list with the name of the parts which I previously fed into a data base sheet) have those components appear or desappear according to what I choose at the configurator. The link is made via a design table, where I have one configuration only (default) with several colums, some are the state of these parts, and the value for suppres or unsuppress is linked to this external excel sheet. It really works nice, very smooth. Any time I need to update the assembly I just re-open the design table and close it again, that way it updates the linked values to the external excel sheet and the components are suppressed or resumed.


Now the thing is that some of this component have smart component features, such as holes. And I cant find a way to control the suppression state of this hole in the design table, somehow is independent from the component and it does not follows its state, so if the component is suppress the hole still remains.


In the other han, If I manually suppress the smart component (the icon is kind of a yellow binder) then both the component and the feature go away. So how could I include this "binder" in the design table the same way I control the suppression state of the component with a simple columm?


A different way to see this scenario is: Has anyone controlled suppression state of a smart component features from a design table for one or several configurations? Or are these 2 different tools that conflict if mixed together?


Sorry for any spelling mistakes.


Thanks in advance