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Testing labresults in simulation

Question asked by Nikolai Hansen on Apr 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Jerry Steiger


I've done some pressuretests of IPE80 (S355) beams in a hydraulic press to test their capacity. I'm trying now to see if I can recreate the tests in Solidworks. The setup is like this (without the stiffeners):

IPE80 press.jpgIPE80 without stiffeners.jpg

The beam lies free between the foundation and the press, only held in place by friction. The press doesen't move or rotate in any direction.


For the simplicity of it I first tried with a shell model. I've added rotation fixtures on the top flange to simulate the press. Here are the results for the buckling and the static test:

IPE80 buckling.JPGIPE80 Static.JPG


The buckling test was applied with a force of 1 N so the buckling load is 180,47 kN if I understand this right.


In the static test I lowered the force until I could get a maximum tension of 355 N/mm2 which is the yield strength of S355. The force here was 113 kN.


My questions are:

- Is buckling and static simulation the right tests to replicate this experiment?

- I've just applied force and runned the tests. Is is this simple or do I need to do something more with the results?

- The material (Solidworks DIN Materials - DIN Steel (Structural)) doesn't seem to apply to the results. When I change the material the results are the same in both buckling and static. Am I doing something wrong?

- All the materials have a yield strength of 275 N/mm2. This can't be right?


This is my first go with Solidworks so I hope you can bear with me