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Selecting edges in a drawing

Question asked by Mark Roelofs on Apr 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 5, 2012 by Mark Roelofs

Hello dear people of this SW community,


I'm working a macro to add dimensions in a drawing. Since soms of the part in the assembly change, i have to find a way to select the edges of the parts that are present.

I bassicly want to select 2 edges and create a dimension. But i just can't get my macro to select the edges. Is there some way that i can give the edges names or ID's so I can use those with selectbyid2? I can't use an x,y,z value in selectbyid2 because the scale of the drawing changes.


It would be very helpfull if i could just use some name, just like features or components.


Does anybody here has an idea?


Kind regards,