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    WindowsAPICodePack to display file preview from EPDM Vault

    Kent Keller

      I have an external vb.net app that previews Windows files in the same way Windows Explorer sees them.  See code below:






      Private Function GetWindowsPreviewBitMap(strFullFilePath As String) As System.Drawing.Bitmap

           Dim BitMapResult As System.Drawing.Bitmap = Nothing

           Dim ShellItem As ShellObject = Nothing

                If System.IO.File.Exists(strFullFilePath) Then

                     ShellItem = ShellFile.FromFilePath(strFullFilePath)           

                     BitMapResult = ShellItem.Thumbnail.ExtraLargeBitmap

                End If

           Return BitMapResult

      End Function


      This function works great....Except in the Vault where EPDM appears to have a grip on the shell.


      I end up with icon displays in my app when I point to a file in the Vault.  I don't want to write a separate previewer for AutoCAD,SolidWorks,PDF,Visio,Word,Excel,Powerpoint,Publisher,etc etc.


      Any ideas out there?


      Kent Keller

      Software Applications Engineering

      Westport Shipyard Inc.