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What can Toolbox do for you?

Question asked by Jody Stiles Employee on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Simon Ross

Hi all,


I've recently joined the Product Definition team here at SolidWorks and one of my areas of responsibility is Toolbox.  Let me start by saying that I am an avid fan and user of Toolbox, I've run into many of the same issues over the years as some of you have, and have done my own hacking to get the old architecture to work for my company's needs.  Now I'm on the other side of the street and can't promote that kind of ingenuity so what I want to do is make it so none of you feel like you need to hack the database, use it as a jumping off point for making your own Toolbox, or just skip using it at all.  The re-architecture in 2012 made Toolbox much faster in response times on both local & server installs and made the administration & customization easier.  But there's always something more that you want and I have several ideas from my user days but I clearly don't have all the answers nor did I see all of the problems.  How do you think we should improve, enhance, or innovate with Toolbox in order to make it so your jobs are that much easier?


Thanks for your input!