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Core i7-3770K released

Discussion created by Charles Culp on Apr 27, 2012
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The new top-dog in single CPU performance has been released by Intel on Tuesday. It is the Core i7-3770K, and will be my new pick for SW systems. It is the new "Ivy Bridge" chipset, which is a 22-nm die shrink of the Sandy Bridge, plus a few extras. It is only a minor incremental increase from the 2700K, so if you're already running Sandy Bridge, then don't rush to upgrade just yet.


The bulk pricing is $313, so expect to pay $325-350 retail for this chip.


Until we get SolidWorks benchmarks, this is the closest to SW performance:


They show a 2.6% increase in performance in SolidWorks, however keep in mind that this is for PhotoView, not for modeling rebuild times. Expect 5% increase for rebuild times, similar to the iTunes standard.


I will put together a new suggested system as soon as the retailers have these chips available.