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How to Change State At Check In?

Question asked by Dwayne Quatier on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by Jeremiah Feist

My workflow and translations work very well for our organization with one exception. I have found that if I have a file that has been approved and released it will have a revision of say "A" and a state of "Production Released". If a user checks this file out and makes some changes and then checks it back in the properties remain as revision "A" and a state of "Production Released". Most times this isn't and issue if the user was intending to make the change and immediately submits to the "Change Board" state. But if a user forgets then I have a file that tells me it is at an approved configuration and state but really isn't since has been altered. Is there a way to send a file to a new state upon check in?