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    PDM Heirarchy question

    Corey Wallace

      So I'm just starting to set up PDMWorks and this is the heirarchy that is default....



      Shouldn't the DWG-1000 be the parent in this scenario? 


      Also, in the admin settings I have 'create PDF automaticlly on normal check-in' checked, but I'm not seeing a PDF created in any scenario either.


      Any suggestions?  Settings that I might not be looking at correctly?

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          Jeff Holliday

          I am assuming the "DWG-1000.slddrw" is a drawing for the "Gizmo.sldasm"? If so, it is correct as shown.


          You will not see pdf's listed inthe PDM doc tree, but if you right-click the slddrw file, you will have an option open the pdf.

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            Scott McFadden


            Assuming what Jeff asked in regards to the drawing is true (the drawing is in the correct order)  the one thing you have to remember

            is the drawing is created from the model, not vise versa.  So, the drawing needs the model in order to accurately protray the info.

            Thus that is why you see it in the order you do.

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              Kenneth Barrentine

              yes it should be parent ... but that's just the way it is.

              i had a thread about this a few years back but can't find it.

              something about internal coding with the software.


              it would be great if they fixed this.

              that way you could easily/quickly see which assemblies/parts didn't have a drawing.


              as for pdf, it will never appear in vault.

              you must right click on drawing and select view as pdf.

              under vault options set pdf viewing folder to something you can navigate to easily.

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                  Corey Wallace

                  Thanks, I just thought it looked odd....and to the question above, yes, DWG-1000 is the detail drawing for GIZMO.

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                    Jeff Holliday

                    I know we are just kicking ideas around that we have no control over but I think the possible odd order actually makes some sense. The drawing is just an explanatory document of the model and/or assy. In the same way that the assy needs the parts under it for it's existence, the drawing would show nothing but manually-entered text if it were not for the assy/part model info.

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                        Kenneth Barrentine

                        think about it in a paper only world.

                        remember the file cabinet?


                        the pdmw tree should be all paper, with the paper having children.

                        it would be cool to have the ability to throw a switch and have the vault display in that fashion!


                        in this mode it would be sooo much easier to see which components didn't have a drawing!!!


                        in reference to the childless drawing analogy, you can check-in childless assemblies too.

                        in reality how many childless ssemblies & drawings do you have in the vault?


                        it's just perception, you (we) are just used to seeing it the way it is and don't give it a second thought.



                        also, if we are suggesting enhancements it would be nice to sort by file name.

                        as it stands today, vault sorts by type and there is no way to change.