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    Determining Energy Loss in flow simulation

    Rodiyan Gibran Sentanu

      Hello, guys.


      I'm trying to make a flow simulation in a certain pipe.

      I want to define its energy loss generated by my pipe.


      as far I know, I have to use the Bernoulli's equation and compare the energy between inlet and outlet.

      {v^2 \over 2}+gz+{p\over\rho}=\text{constant}

      The energy can be defined by find the velocity (v), pressure (p), and height (z).


      And here's my problem.

      I want to make my pipe a little bit different by change it size into a rectangle one.


      My questions is, how do I define v, p, and z?

      Should I define the mean pressure of inlet and outlet surface?

      or maybe I should define it using "point". Take the pressure value at the center point of the rectangle, and so on?


      or there is other method? which one is common?