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Starting out with PDM-guides, advice?

Question asked by Steven Clements on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by Matthew Phaneuf

We're on solidworks 2010, runing Windows 7 64 bit machines, and a networked shared file server, that the whole company shares with us, where our CAD files are stored.


I want to relocate our files to a dedicated server, and introduce PDMworks.

Currently we just have a windows folder structure.


What I want to do is start off with PDM in a sensible organised manner. Our windows folder structure has evolved several times and as a result not all things are in sensible places, not moved because of the dependant assemblies and company wide shortcuts already in existance.


Are there any guides to what we should be looking at in terms of the internal arrangements of PDM.


We make a lot of sheet metal and machined metal parts, which are used together with stock part from the likes of Vero/Schroff etc, to make 19inch housing based custom products.

We also have 3D models of PCBs, other electronic component models like fans, connectors, LEDs, etc, arranged in our own library, which go into the main assemblies.


What I need is a numpties guide to starting off in PDM, more in what to do with it when set up rather than the actual install and making it work process.