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    How can I put an 'Inspection Bubble' around a thread callout?

    Brian Dalton

      Typical dimensions and most notes can have an inspection bubble placed around them, but as far as I can figure out, it's not possible with a thread callout created from a cosmetic thread.


      When using the 'Insert Callout' feature with a cosmetic thread, you get a nice callout which appears to take the form of a text annotation (note).  There's an option for this entity in the Property Manager to add a border of type 'Inspection', but the callout simply ignores my attempt to implement this feature.  It seems to have been pre-decided that you can't make this kind of change to a thread callout, and it's a bummer because we need to be able to mark some threads for inspection.


      Does anyone know how to get around this unfortunate restriction?


      SW 2010 sp5

      Win 7