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How can I put an 'Inspection Bubble' around a thread callout?

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by Brian Dalton

Typical dimensions and most notes can have an inspection bubble placed around them, but as far as I can figure out, it's not possible with a thread callout created from a cosmetic thread.


When using the 'Insert Callout' feature with a cosmetic thread, you get a nice callout which appears to take the form of a text annotation (note).  There's an option for this entity in the Property Manager to add a border of type 'Inspection', but the callout simply ignores my attempt to implement this feature.  It seems to have been pre-decided that you can't make this kind of change to a thread callout, and it's a bummer because we need to be able to mark some threads for inspection.


Does anyone know how to get around this unfortunate restriction?


SW 2010 sp5

Win 7