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Need help fixing side by side install of SW2011 & SW2012

Question asked by Derek Madrak on Apr 25, 2012
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Hi all, I need some help or advice on this.  We needed SW2012 to run next to SW2011 on one of our machines because of necessity.  I was a little rushed installing it and I must have missed something.  When drawings are opened with SW2011 all the dimensions and text is gone, coincidently any new or existing drawings created or opened with SW2012 do the same.  This only happens on the one with the side by side install.  Anyone know what I missed and f I can fix it easily, or should I just redo both installs after cleaning the system out?  SW2011 is at SP 5.0  SW2012 is at SP 1.0


If it makes a difference it is running on Win7 SP1, 64bit


Thanks for the help in advance,



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