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    Application of Torque to a Circular Disc

    Balakumar Swaminathan

      I have a question regarding using Simulation for analysis of a circular disc. The model is fixed at the innermost polygon surface. A tangential load at the thru hole is meant to rotate the disc and transfer torque to a shaft through the polygon surface.


      What is the best way to apply this tangential load in simulation.


      1. Should I apply it as a normal force tangential to the disc?

      2. Should I apply it as a torque about an axis thru the center? If yes, should I apply a counter force at the center to compensate for the reaction force?



      circular disc.jpg



      I appreciate the help.




        • Re: Application of Torque to a Circular Disc
          Jerry Steiger



          I assume, since you are only modeling the disc that you want to look at the stresses and/or deflections in the disc itself. In that case, then I would apply the load to the hole, just as it is applied by your mating parts. I think you can use a bearing load. You may have  to add a split line to split the cylindrical hole into a top half and a bottom half. (I'm not familar with how SolidWorks Simulation handles bearing loads.)


          You might want to model the pin that goes in the hole and the shaft as well. Then apply your force to the pin and fix one or both ends of the shaft. The way the parts fit together may significantly affect the stresses and deflections.


          Jerry Steiger