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The SolidWorks Toolbox and MIL Standard Parts

Question asked by James Rawlinson on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Mark Wysock

I was excited to see MIL Standard parts in the Defalut Toolbox.  With our past MCAD system, we were responsible for creating all of the standard parts, this is something that wastes a tremndous amount of time... time I saw being saved when I saw this heading.  I was not as enthusiastic when I started diging, I found the information (I am hoping to be wrong), in the toolbox was not adequate for the task at hand, in fact, it was WORSE than our Preivous MCAD system.  Let's look at a washer for example; the primary flat washers I user are NAS1149 and NAS620 (Reduced OD).  When I start to conifugre the toolbox for flat washers, I find the washer (flat_mil.sldprt) I was expecting to see several variations of the washer including my favorites, but I saw NO PART NUMBER REFERENCES AT ALL!!! Worse, the dimensions did not match the parts (at least the parts I use).  leaving me to scour IHS trying to find the parts used to create these models.  Do you know how many flat washers are stored within IHS?  Does the term needle in a haystack, It's like trying to fid a needle in a pile of needles! Worse yet, using the techniques I have learned so far, I cannot edit these modesl to make them relfect the dimensions I need.  there are no apparent configurations and no design table to edit. This leaves me in the same (actually worse) position than I was with our legacy MCAD system, buidling models of standard hardware.


So, rant over, can someone tell me how I am supposed to configure this tool?  How do you see this savng time?