flat pattern config in dwg 2007

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 3, 2006
on 2006 3 06:45 Brooke wrote:
> I'm in 2007 sp1 and am in a sheet metal part with MANY configs. I used to click
> the "make drawing from part button" and then check flat pattern in the property
> manager and insert it (this would create the flat pattern config for that
> config). Well, now with the new box that comes up on the right, view palette,
> it is creating some generic config called "flat pattern" of a random config. I
> cannot get it to come up with the flat pattern of the active config in the part.
> So i have to cancel out of that and go in and insert a view and select flat
> pattern in the property manager. I was so excited about this new view palette,
> but if it isn't going to create a flat pattern of the active config it's going
> to be a real pain since I'll just have to cancel it out every time. Most of my
> dwg's start with a flat pattern view and many have multiple configs!
> Anybody else see this or have a workaround?

I have also noticed that the flat pattern is not shown as a selection at all for derived sheet metal parts if the flat pattern has not been "unsupressed" at least once.

Have you tried sliding the flat pattern out onto the drawing, and then editing it's properties to sellect the displayed configuration/display configuration?