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Creating a pipe elbow with end tangents. (Creating a long sanitary tube elbow to work in routing.)

Question asked by Chris Sparber on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by Tony Vitale

Hello All--


I am working on creating some sanitary elbows and I am new to solidworks routing.  My company use tube for the most part and we do not bend the tube. I tried using solidworks routing for tubes, but found it limited because I did not have the option to work with tube elbows separately.  We weld the tube fittings to our tube assemblie.  To do this I have jury rigged the piping portion of solidworks to accomadate the different tube and tube fittings.  Then I changed the schedule property to wall thickness and the specification to weld grade of material.  I am working on creating a tube butt weld elbow that is longer than a standard tube elbow (short elbow).  This elbow has straight tangents on the end.  I have not been able to get solidworks to recognize this geometry.  Has anyone had any success with this type of fitting? Attached is the fitting I am attempting to use. 


Note: the file attached has the tangents set to .001" because I would like to combine the short and long elbow configurations into the same file.