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Viewing Mentor Graphics Files in EPDM

Question asked by Mike Bowers on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by Roy Glenn

This is a follow-on question to the AutoVue discussion I just started...


We want to use EPDM to control our Mentor Graphics PCB schematic (DxDesigner) and layout files (Expedition).  Our local re-seller has show us a low-level solution using VisECAD as an external viewer.  This basically just links the Mentor files to the VisECAD viewer and then opens the viewer externally to EPDM.


We would like a deeper integration using the EPDM Preview Pane (vs. VisECAD opening externally to EPDM).


Thus far, we have investigated the following options...


1.  Integrate VisECAD into the Preview Pane.  We determined that this would not work because VisECAD does not support ActiveX (which is a requirement for using it in the EPDM preview pane)


2.  Use Oracle (Cimmetry) AutoVue.  Our re-seller is looking into this, but is having issues (see my other post).  AutoVue is also expensive.


Has anyone used EPDM with Mentor Graphics (DxDesigner & Expedition)?


Any help is appreciated...