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Suggestion : automatic exploded view

Question asked by Lucas PRIEUR on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Chris Newton


Nowadays, almost nobody use exploded view in SolidWorks, because it’s too long and annoying to make a proper one. Edrawings allow to make some automatic one, but with any control !


So I think I’ve got a good idea for the SolidWorks development team (is this forum a good place for suggestion) to make it automatic, thus really easy for the user, and that will work in most designs.


In most cases, the mates determine the positioning of a part in an assembly.

For an automatic exploded view, you’ll need to analyze mates :

Since a few version (2010 or 2011) SolidWorks indicates the “root” (or basic) mates : that’s with those one that you’ll have to do you automatic exploded view.


Most common mates are concentric and coincident : to explode the view, the part has to go along the axis of the concentric mate or normal to the coincident mate to the side where there isn’t any body. Distance mates can follow the same rule as coincident and tangeant mates can follow concentric (along the axis of the round part).


Am I clear enough ? Do you think that would be possible ?