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Insert/Embed "3D Models" into Drawings

Question asked by Paul Baker on Apr 23, 2012
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Hi everyone,


First of all thank you to anyone who can provide a response or advice upon this. I've been browsing the internet and these forums but can't seem to find an answer to my odd question. If this has already been addressed here or elsewhere, by all means call me blind and point me in the right direction


I want to explore the possibility of embedding a 3D model file (such as .U3D) into a Solidworks Drawing (.SLDDRW) which will then be saved as a PDF, trick is I'd like to keep the 3D file's functionality (so user can still rotate, zoom, etc). Like I said, I know this might sound like an odd proposition. I currently use the "other method" of saving the drawings as a PDF and leaving a blank spot to insert a U3D file later.


Reason I want to take this new approach however is that when our parts/products are updated it can obviously take a long time when it comes to the PDF side of things, especially regarding the U3D file. I'm aware that I can simply remove and insert new pages into an existing PDF when I need to make changes, this has been my approach so far, but when I recently discovered "Solidworks Task Scheduler" I've been hoping to speed the process up some more by using it to automatically update our PDF drawings on a daily/weekly recurrence. If our Drawings were "normal", ie: with no U3D Model, there wouldn't be a problem, but allowing our manufacturers to view the actual 3D Model of a part we've found has had advantages.


So to my actual question, has anyone managed to achieve this? Would using an alternative to the type of 3D file used help? We'd prefer to keep to PDF's rather than e-Drawings for the obvious ease of use for everyone to view, but not biased towards the use of Adobe.


I've tried inserting "U3D file's" and "PDF's only containing U3D model's" as an object into a drawing, but no success when later opening as a PDF. It more or less gets sent over as a picture of however it was interpreted by Solidworks - normally just text of the object's description/name/file path/etc. I am currently using Adobe Acrobat X Pro if this of relevance.





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An acceptable alternative would be to set the Task Scheduler to convert part files into 3D PDF/U3D Files and have them inserted into the PDF drawings. For example the first page would contain 2D views, dimensions, BOM, etc, and the page after would be the 3D Model and repeated with following pages. Is there a way to do this that I haven't noticed?