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    Sean Bolton

      If i do a back end SQL query on the documents table there is a field called "LockDomain" this represents the user that has the file locked....  Is there a way through the search feature that i can find this information ?  I do not want to give people access to the sql database just to figure out who has a document locked... Thanks in advance

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan

          Dear Sean,


          There is an Out of the box search feature available for the users to find out the files that are checked out / checked in in the vault.


          Please click on the complete search in your vault view > Click on the Checked in /out tab and select a user to find out if he has some file that are checked out.


          I am attaching the same for your better understanding.


          Hope this helps !


          Cheers !


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              Sean Bolton

              what I am looking for are files that are pre PDM Check-in, meaning the file has not entered the workflow yet (the end user has pulled a new serial number, but no one else can see it but that user).  What is happening is our counter skips a number, and someone comes to me telling me that the counter is off, then I have to either ask everyone that has access to creation of that serial number or have a sql admin run a query like  


              select FileName,LockDomain from Documents where FileName='xyz.SLDDRW'

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                  Einar Gulbrandsen

                  You can use the same procedure as Raghavendra Bhagwan has suggested, but you have to use the built in admin user to do this.


                  The built in admin user has built in functions that no other user has.


                  Such as :

                  to see at file that are not in the work flow.

                  undo chekout another users files

                  check in another users files

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                    Raghavendra Bhagwan

                    Hello Sean,


                    Skipping of serial numbers ? i know where the problem could be.


                    Check the file data card for variable which is connected to serial number to ensure that "UPDATE ALL CONFIGURATIONS" option is checked.


                    The reason why this happens when a part file is added to vault, EPDM By default creates two tabs in the Data card, 1) @ and  2) Default.


                    So the serial number is triggering twice.


                    Hope this helps.




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                  Ravi Teja

                  Hi Sean,

                              The Documents added but not checked in,will burn a serial and is visible to the user who added it and to te admin this file is said to be in "Private state".


                              You can use report generator in EPDM to show this LIST to users using SQL query in crp report.


                  REPORT GENERATOR is a READ ONLY tool.






                  Ravi T