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    How to link/connect EPDM variables to Excel excel 2010 cells

    Gary Williams

      It is very confusing, do you have to be a programming guru to be able to map EPDM variables to EXCEL cells?!?!?


      I have named a cell "Originator", but I can't figure out how to link to an EPDM variable.

      I know that it was tricky when the SWX/EPDM mentor came in and set-up cells in this same Excel file.

      The required macro is already loaded in the Excel file.


      See attached JPG snapshot of Excel 2010.

      Why is there a grayed out area in this window?

      Why can't I view the settings for the existing cells that are already successfully mapped.


      I have tried to read some info on-line but information I found was sketchy.