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    How to change view

    Einars Kalnins


      How to change TOP-view "view". That mean if I look from back to front, sides (left and right) change. Look at the picture.


      Sorry for my English


      How to.png

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          Wayne Tiffany

          To change the view, orient the part the way you want the top view to look, hit the spacebar, single click Top and then click the icon for Update Standard Views.  This will reorient your standard views to match what you want to see.


          To move parts, there is more than one way.  If only a few parts, open the assy file, then open the part file and save the part file in the new folder.  This will save a copy of that part file and redirect the assy file to look at that copy, not the other one.  But if you have several to do, use SolidWorks Explorer as it helps you maintain references as you move files around.