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Spending about 1/3 to 1/2 of my time waiting for SW rather than using it!

Question asked by Martin Behling on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by Hannes Geipel

Anyone have any solutions to SolidWorks' slow processing on large parts with lots of features?  In my opinion, this really isn't a new issue.  This has been a problem as far back as I can remember (2006-2007??)...It's just causing me a lot of frustration lately.  Is this just a shortfall of the software?  But really, what good is it if you can only design boxes and cylinders!?


It seems once a file gets to a certain size (and it doesn't always have to be a very large file, but bigger is definitely glitchier), the software just starts choking and taking unreasonable amounts of time to do what would seem to be simple tasks. It doesn't do it on all features all of the time...some days it seems rather random.  Once this starts happening, everything seems to take 3-4 times longer than it should to get done.  Restarting typically does not improve anything. I work with a lot of complex models and assemblies on a daily basis.  And, I spend a LOT of time waiting for the software instead of using it. I've currently got one model that has 2400 features (injection molded, many recesses, many bosses and ribs, etc...still have not added all the fillets yet...).  It had gotten so difficult to work with this file, that I created a new file and inserted this part as the first feature in the new part.  I've locked the references and began working with the new part.  This new file is more managable, but still is prone to exhibiting the same slow down issues I always see...regardless of whether I have anything else just loads much faster now...and is more stable.


Actually, right now, I'm trying to create a surface extrude, and it's been hung up for ten minutes now...I'm going to have to stop the program and re-start. (oh, I didn't kill this one since I was writing this message and to my surprise, it just started working again after 20 minutes of being hung up...normally I wouldn't wait that long before ending SW...)


Very frequently, the software will take anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute "time out" when editing a sketch that has dangling references due to a change. When SW takes these pauses, all I can do is sit and wait!  I'll open up the display/delete relations list and SW will wait...then it starts working again and I can click on the dangling relation...then I wait again...then I can hit delete, and I wait again.  This behavior repeats until I eliminate all dangling relations.  Once the dangling relations are removed, suddenly SW kicks back into normal speed again.  Keep in mind, that I only get one mouse click or keypress in before the next unreasonable it can take some time to get rid of multiple dangling relations.  Also, if I go to another window or program, when I switch back to SW, I end up losing the selection made before the pause, so I literally have to sit and do nothing a good part of the time so I don't have to re-select things multiple times!


Many times, when I open up a feature to edit, SW will also take an unreasonable amount of time to bring up the feature dialog box.  It doesn't matter if it's an extrude, or a sketch, or a something more complex. It especially likes to do this on fillets.  And it's usually worst on features that are being edited due to losing references or relations, or because of an error.


There are several other tricks SW like to play on the "I don't feel like rolling your model forward past this feature right now, so why don't you restart me" game, but those don't typically happen every stinkin' day!...mostly it just likes to waste my time on a daily basis.


None of the issues I have seen are specific only to this machine.  I've pretty much had the same issues across three or four different machines over the past 5+ years with different processors, different video cards, etc...  Same problems, different SW release.  It does seem to develop more quirks the larger a model file gets.


Currently, I'm running a machine with a Core i7- 3960X CPU (6 processors, 12 threads...too bad SW can't use all these for rebuilding).  Liquid cooled and overclocked to 4.3GHz.  Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit OS.  32GB RAM.  AMD FirePro v5900 with 2GB memory (driver ver: 8.850.7.2000).


I assume that this is happening to others. I can't be the only one seeing these issues. Any ideas or insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!