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Mecanum wheels interaction with ground Motion Study

Question asked by Mike Hawk on Apr 23, 2012
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I am a last year student in elektromechanics and for my thesis i have to draw a robot in solidworks and simulate the movement using Labview


The robot has 4 special wheels on it called Mecanum Wheels. These wheels let you drive in any direction you want (sideways, left, right) .

Check youtube if you want to see them in action.


We currently use these mecanum wheels on the actual robot


The problem I face is establishing the sideways driving. If you want to drive sideways, for example left: you have to turn the 2 wheels on the left side towards each other and the 2 wheels ons the right side away from each other.


When is start the motion study with this setup the robot doesnt move in the desired direction instead it just goes back and forth slightly going to the opposite direction (right)


In this link i included the robot design with the motion studies. check motion study 3 for the setup i explained



I hope you guys can help me out a bit or push me in the right direction