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    How to disable SWorks

    Mark Freeman

      I have a client who hired a new employee. As part of his hiring process they purchased a $3000 laptop for him and almost the same amount for a workstation. All to run Solidworks. We were told he already had Solidworks 2010 and would use his own copy until it proved worth the cost for the company to purchase. Until that point AutoCAD is the only drafting software used.


      Fast forward 4 months. He starts having problems with malware, viruses, etc. And has had to have his Laptop and Desktop reimaged. Whe we were called in to do this we asked for Solidworks so it could be placed in the image he informed us he did not have Solidworks and it was pirated. Due to this our coverage of his machines ended and are no longer part of our contract.


      Fast forward 18 months. Now 3 other machines are running a bogus copy of Solidworks and they are trying to get us to install something on the server the company rents from us and as part of our agreement with this company, all leased equipment can not have any software that does not have a valid license.


      I have spoken with the owner about all of this as well as the possibility of getting fined or possible litigation if discovered and he told me not to install it on the server but it was ok on the machines they own. However there are constant problems, infections, lockups etc. We have spent more time fixing issues (out of contract) in the past 18 months with these 3 machines than we did the past 5 yrs working on 13 other machines, including 3 machines in a welding shop environment.


      What I want to know is how can I disable Solidworks on each machine from the server so they are forced into making it legit or quit using it.

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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          My first thought is why the heck would a company trust a future employee with an old version of any software.

          The seems to be some accountability missing somewhere.

          Anyway, I think disable is the wrong term.  I think you should uninstall it completely and not install anything until you have a vaild license of the software.  Here is a link that instructs how to manage this.  Just focus on the uninstall portion for now.

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              Mark Freeman

              Thank you for the reply. However since we are a system consultant for the company we dont actually control what is installed with noted exceptions. Anything that we dont lease out or cover under contract is totally on the company. We will service the machines on a paid basis out of contract. The only systems we control the software installation is what we lease or accept contracts for.


              According to our lease agreement and our service contract,


              "NO software is to be installed on leased or covered equipment without proper licensing from the appropriate licensing agent with the exception of trial software. Any software that is unlicensed (pirated, cracked, etc.) runs the risk of unnecessary security exposure and possible infection from various viruses, exploits, spyware, etc. and will void coverage of systems with such software installed."


              Since those machines are no longer part of the contract we dont control what is installed. However, that employee is trying to convince the owner of installing pirated SWorks on the server which we do control and is leased from us. I have informed the owner any attempt at installing an unlicensed copy would violate the contract and the lease would be void. I assume there is some sort of Library that can run from a server or DB which adds to functionality to SWorks but as I am not familiar with the software first hand I cant say.


              At this point we are planning to sit down once again with the owner and inform him of all our findings and give him the option of having them remove the software or go through the appropriate purchasing channels to aquire the proper license for Solidworks. The only other option is to void the contract we have with them and if that occurs the full balance is due immediately since the contrat is voided with cause and the server would be removed along with other systems that are leased. Which will ultimately cost them more than licensed SWorks.


              I just didnt know if there was a way to disable it or not. If not then we will have to do what we planned.