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Insulator for a Pipe

Question asked by Thomas Hellm on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by Thomas Hellm

I am design a jacket and insulator for a pipe. The issue I am having is my method. I am taking the sheet metal cut out and bending it around this pipe with a 90 degree elbow. I do the after the 3 step (see picture) I “split” the rolled sheet it into 4 fingers (parts) and use “move-body” to bend the around the elbow. I’m able to add/remove fingers in my design table (at step 1) but to my knowledge you can not insert a move-body/spilt from the design table for the last step.  So I want a way method where I don’t have to bend it around the pipe manually each time I change a parameter.


If you have totally different/better method please tells me but it must be able to unfold at some part of the design.



Inner radius: 2.25in

Thickness: 1/32in