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Some suggestions for general selection issues

Question asked by Dan Riffell on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by Mark Kaiser

Over the past week I have been working with a bear of a file.  It is an imported .stp file that had multiple subassemblies, so SolidWorks forgets it has brains and generally doesn't work properly.  As a workaround I saved the file as a multibody part so I can do what I need to do.  This created a part with ~5100 bodies - a mix of both solid and surface bodies with each body listed as a feature in the feature manager.  OK, admittedly this isn't the best case scenario, but I could at least get work done without committing hare-kiri with my pen.  Luckily my goal wasn't to edit the model (too much), I just needed to make a decent final render of it.


Along my tortuous way I noticed a few things that are unnecessary annoyances with how things are selected in the SolidWorks interface.  These may or may not be "fixable", and they are certainly not deal-breakers:


1.  It would be nice if you could select a group of objects from the display manager and perform the usual operations from there.  For example, suppose you have an appearance applied to 50 random bodies.  Now you want to Hide/Suppress/Otherwise Alter those bodies.  You can exapnd the appearance, select the bodies below it which highlights the objects in the viewport, but all of the RT Click functionality is gone.


2.  If you click on the Bodies (Solid or Surface) Folder at the top of the FM it would be nice to have the ability to Hide All or Show All.


3.  If you select the part name at the top of the FM it would be nice to have the ability to Suppress All or Unsuppress All.


4.  When a group of objects is selected performing one operation should not deselect them.  Suppose you randomly select 250 bodies in the viewport which takes ~15 minutes.  Now you double-click the appearance you want to apply to those random bodies.  Next you want to Hide or Suppress them.  Guess what?  There's no way to reselect those 250 bodies except through the viewport.


5.  Move to Existing Folder should be listed in the RT Click menu.  This would be a lot faster than dragging and dropping for FMs that have a bazillion features.


6.  A Features selection filter would be nice.  Not sure exactly how often that would get used, though.


7.  The Freeze Bar is a nice enhancement.  When it is moved to somewhere in the middle of the FM you can RT Click it and select Roll to Top.  Why is there no Roll to Bottom command?


8.  Ditto the above for the Rollup Bar.  Why is there a Roll to End command but no Roll to Top command?


9.  When you window-select a group of objects in the viewport and RT Click on one of the items after SW selects only the one that you RT Clicked on.  The RT Click should work for all of the objects that are window-selected.


These are just a few of the ones that I noticed this week.  Anyone else have any similar gripes?


OK, Jim, fire away.