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    Anyone have experience with Village Instruments ViDock?

    Ray Egan

      The onboard graphics in my HP ProBook are at the low end of the food chain for running SolidWorks, but I need to keep it on a notebook and I would rather not replace mine right now. I found a product called ViDock from Village Instruments that allows you to use a full size professional graphics card connected through the ExpressCard slot. The only reviews I have found so far are gaming related. Does anyone here have any experience with this product?

      Thanks in advance.


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          Ray Egan

          Since I was not getting any answers to my question on the ViDock I decided to just take the plunge and buy one.


          There are three different models: ViDock 3, for half-length cards that consume up to 75W and get all of their power from the PCI Express connector; ViDock 4, for full-length cards that consume up to 150W and use a single 6-pin power connector; and ViDock 4 Plus, for full-length cards that consume up to 225W and use 2 6-pin power connectors.


          I found a good deal on an Nvidia Quadro 2000D so I bought the ViDock 3 to minimize my losses in case nothing worked as advertised.


          Since Village Instruments is in China one of my first concerns was customer support. That concern disappeared rather quickly as I received an email from their customer support later on the day I made the purchase thanking me for the order and letting me know that they would send a tracking number as soon as it shipped. Three days later another email with the tracking number. I had two questions during installation and both of those were answered within 1 day.


          The installation instructions tell you to install the card in the ViDock, connect the power, connect your monitor and insert the ExpressCard connector with the laptop powered off. When I did this my computer would not even start up. Since the ExpressCard spec calls for devices to be hot-pluggable and hot-swappable I decided to power up the laptop and then insert the ExpressCard connector. My computer recognized it instantly and loaded the required drivers. Then I went to the SolidWorks site and downloaded the correct driver for my software/card combination.


          How does it work? ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY!!!


          Since I won a Quadro 4000 at the user group meeting last night this one will be going home and I will be ordering the 4 or 4 Plus for the office.