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Modo 601 + Power SubD-NURBS

Discussion created by Charles Culp on Apr 20, 2012
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IntegrityWare and Luxology have worked together to create a new plug-in for Modo 601, so you can create SubD models, and then export them as nurbs for use in SolidWorks.


What do you think? I would like to get my hands on this, and I plan on putting in a proposal for us to use this here at Essex.


modo and DS SolidWorks Example 2

Sample Project using Power SubD-NURBS


This example was provided by Branden Coker and Paul McCrorey. Here the goal was to produce an ergonomic handgrip for a trekking pole. Various concept designs were modeled quickly using Subdivision Surfaces in modo, and then the geometry of the preferred design was converted to NURBS. The model was given more details in Solidworks and then rendered as a final result back in modo.  The CAD Loader was used in the final phase.


modo screen capture by  Branden Coker and Paul McCrorey trekking pole handle quickly modeled using Subdivision Surfaces in modo 601.



SolidWorks screen capture by Branden Coker and Paul McCrorey export as NURBS, the handgrip was refined in SolidWorks using solid modeling functionality. renderings of left and right sides of the handgrip was done using the modified geometry in modo (imported via CAD Loader as .x_b format).