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Delete first or last frame for clips intended for looping

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Apr 19, 2012

To make a seamlessly looping video it helps to delete the first or last frame.  To accomplish that, one may calculate the time it takes for 1 frame and then remove that time from the time range entered when setting up the movie export parameters.  I use the attached spread sheet to assist in that time range calculation.


I wonder often if I am missing the check box that says "Generate loopable format" on the UI somewhere?  It would automatically set the time range to delete the first or last frame from the timeline.  I suppose one would have the option of which, but it really doesn't matter since the first and last frame should be identical in the motion study for this to work.


I really like the PW360 integration and the dual screen monitor support!  Having jumped from SW10 to SW12, I'm rather dazzled.