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    Questions about Solidworks in general

    Demitri Duwadi



      I started training with Solidworks in Highschool and you could imagine it was just the basics. I took courses in college for it and they too were pretty basic / stuff I had already leanred in high school. I know Solidworks is capable of quite a bit and want to know what's the extent of what it can do? Currently i'm working for an LNG company and was initially using Solidworks to build a model of our plants / using the models for building layout / placement positioning. We purchased Solidworks premium after I realized how easy it can be done with the piping and autorouting and am currently trying to figure that out so I can create the piping between buildings and such for contractors to build. I know Solidworks can do even more with motion and such (i'm not too interested in that since it's an LNG facility) and am curious what more can it do? Particularly with flow of LNG and CNG through pipes perhaps? Creating P&ID's? (I've been using Autocad to create our P&ID's)


      Thanks for any answers to my questions.