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Piping and routing questions

Question asked by Demitri Duwadi on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by Tony Vitale

Hey everyone,


1.) I recently purchased soldiworks premium and don't have much experience with piping and routing. I'm going to be taking classes soon and am trying to mess around as much as possible and find as many questions that I can't solve myself. One of the main problems i'm having is even getting started with my own projects when it comes to piping. I started messing around with the default components that come in the library and am able to easily make routes and everything no problem. But when I try with my custom towers and parts I get all sorts of problems. I attached a picture of the two points which i'm trying to connect together with auto-routing. The problm I get is "Bend creation failed. Radius of bends doesn not allow the required bends to be created" but it's nothing crazy, the I had manually created pipes before I got premium and the most I had to create was two 90 degree bend pipes.


2.) Another question I have is how do you flip flanges? I'm trying to put a weld neck onto a pipe and it always goes on the wrong way. One time a menu popped up to flip it and it worked, but I don't know how to get to that menu again as it automatically opened after I put the flange on the begining pipe.


Thanks for any help.