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Contact Pressure Shows 0MPa to 0MPa

Question asked by Akash Vandakudri on Apr 20, 2012

Hi All,


I am working on a nonlinear analysis project. It has many contacts sets having shrink, no penetrations and bonded too.


When I solve the model, I am not able to see the contact pressure plot (vector plot). The contacts pressure shows only 0MPA to 0MPA. No contact pressure at all, when I have huge von-Mises stress in that location.


Is that I need to reset some thing or I have to check with sensors. The same assembly I did couple of days back and I had got contact pressure plots and now in the new assembly and other work, I am not able to see the contact pressure plot.


I am not able get contact pressure data in any analysis now.I believe there no contact inforamtion in database file only.If probing is doing on any contact area to check contact force it shows zero only.


I guess this started after installing S.P 3.0 for Solidworks 2012


Guys let me know on this



Akash A V