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2012 sldwks crash when printing

Question asked by Brett Singleton on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by Gary Hafstad

After changing our computeres from XP to Windows 7 we noticed that Solidworks will crash when you change your printing properties to color.  Okay so here is the work around: when you first start up Solidworks.  Then go ahead and load a small part, select print, make the change to the properties to print in color.  After you have done this then it works fine unless you have a crash and need to restart Solidworks.  If so then you need to do the same thing again.  Now if you have forgotten and decide to print drawings, assemblies, or part models in color.  When you go and select print properites.  Solidworks will hang up for a few seconds and then crash.  Current workstations are a Dell T7400, 8.0 Gb memory with Windows 7 Pro.  Has anyone else experienced this and is there a permanent repair?