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    Missing tab

    Pawel Keska

      Hi all,


      Has anyone seen something like this?

      ang 1.JPG

      ang 2.JPG

      ang 3.JPG

      Solidworks 2007, template folder containing the .*drwdot files.


      Reinstallation  did not solve the problem.

      Any ideas?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I have both SW 2010 and SW2012 on my computer.  I opened SW 2010 and tried to start a new document a couple of days ago, but all of my templates are now SW2012, and I believe that's the same error message that I got.  Could yours be a similar situation?

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            John Burrill

            Yeah, it looks like your template files have been upgraded.

            If you want to test this thoery, try opening one of them.  If it's been updated to a newer version, you'll get an error that says 'cannot open file.  future version' or something similar.

            Solidworks does keep a set of default tempaltes in the installation directory that you can use.  All you have to do is go into system options, and add a new template location.  Browse to an empty folder and Solidworks will copy the stock templates to this location.

            that'll atleast give you a better idea of what's causing your problem.

            John Burrill

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              Pawel Keska

              Thanks for all reply.

              Problem was the SWPA license, there is no drawings functionality.