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    SolidWorks Express Newsletter - text vs html

    Mark Montgomery

      I've looked everywhere but can't find a place to tell the newsletter that I prefer text emails over html emails. 


      I have received the SolidWorks Express Newsletter for quite a while.  Only problem is it comes to my inbox as raw HTML.  I have tried all my settings for viewing email as HTML but it doesn't ever render the page.  I get other emails in HTML format that come in as attachments that open in a browser window.  I'm wondering if there's a missing header or something in the newsletter that my email client is looking for.


      My work around is to open a text file, paste the html in, and then open in a browser.  Occasionally the messages have a link embedded for viewing the emial online but it's a pain to scan thru and find that link.


      I really like the newsletter, otherwise I would just unsubscribe.  Anyone have a fix for me?