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Problem to starts up Photoview with big assembles

Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Apr 19, 2012



I can't find solution anywhere, so i write it here :


We are working now on SolidWorks 2012. The main problem is with Photoview 360.


We were using Solid Works 2010 and Photoview 360 ( 2010 ). Programs was separated, and big model in 3D which had 2 GB memory, started to render in few seconds. It was made at intel quad procesor, 6 GB RAM DDR2, graphics 500 mb with 1.5 gb shared memory.


Now we have Intel Core Quad HP-z400 with 12 GB RAM  (DDR3) and..

Now, the same model opened in SW 2012 use more memory, when we try to render this big model -> we must wait about 20-30 minutes to start "preview".

When preview starts up, it render very fast, but we can't wait every time about 30 minutes to start render.

On every other computers with other models we have the same problem.

We tried to use "lighter model" and other hints to make it faster, but nothing goes better.

Also we checked, that if we don't close "preview", look on other side of model and start render - it starts fast.

But if we need to make some small changes in model, then we must wait next 30 minutes, because we need to start  "preview" window second time,  it starts automatically with "final render" button.

Time is money, and if we must wait all day to make 10 nice pictures of model, we waste our money.

Please try to answer fast and try to solve our problem by some service pack or hints how to make it working faster..



In attachment file os use processor after pushing "final render" and waiting 30 minutes with "preview" on older PC and on response. The same is on newest PC..