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    Controls not refreshing properly when swWindow is resized

    Filipe Venceslau

      Hi, ever since I've upgraded from my winxp32/sw2011 setup to this new win7_64/sw2012 I've been noticing weird problems with the user interface not updating properly when the main window gets resized. This happens with both the solidworks controls and an addin that I have built for the company. On the solidworks controls everything ends up updating properly if I resize the control itself, but my addin ends up with its controls completely scrambled.


      I can't understand if this is a framework problem or 64 bit related problem or what. All I know is that I've spent countless hours trying to fix my addin, and I'm convinced I've done everything I can, and this has to be some other issue.


      Please see pictures below and comment.


      Thanks in advance.





      Solidworks Form in a restored state ready to be steched - all controls display fine



      After resizing the main solidworks window, we can see that the task pane does not update properly....



      ...Unit I resize the taskpane which refreshes the container



      Here's another screenshot with the same sort of thing and with my addin completely scrambled.