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weldment bodies that used to be in a sub-weldment

Question asked by Scott Nelson on Apr 19, 2012
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I have a weldment part with about 110 bodies.  At one point early on I had created 2 sub-weldments groups, each one with about 10 bodies in it.   Later on, I deleted those sub-weldment folders. 


At some point I noticed that after updating the cut list, there were 6 bodies at the bottom of the list that are not in the default 'cut-list-item' folders and they do not show up in the weldment cut list when edited.   Some, but not all of these 6 bodies were in the aforementioned and now deleted sub-weldment groupds.  See below.



After experimenting, I found that if I right click on one of these bodies and select 'create sub-weldment' it will get placed in folder 'sub-weldment1' etc.   See below:



Then, after the next update of the cutlist, sw will place that body into a proper 'cut-list-item' folder and then in turn put the sub-weldment into a generic cut list item folder.  So now, the body is buried 3 levels down.  If I delete the sub-weldment folder and the generic 'cut-list-item' folder so that the weldment profile is at the top level, it will show up in the cut-list, but as soon as I update the cut-list it returns to the state shown in the first image.


Also, I think 3 of those bodies are identical but again, sw will not correctly group these items.  Any help would be appreciated.