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How to hide controls in my PMP?

Question asked by Pif Beejee on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by Keith Rice

Hello there,

I've been using the Solidowrks API for a couple of weeks now and I still have no idea how to do the following:


Let's say I have made a  Property Manager Page  (PMP) for my add-in.


In my PMP I have 3 buttons:   BTN_SHOW ,  BTN_HIDE  and BTN_DUMMY


They are all created using this line for each of them:


BTN_SHOW= (IPropertyManagerPageButton)usedTab.AddControl(button1ID, controlType, "Show", align, options, "This is supposed to show BTN_DUMMY when clicked");



I don't understand how to HIDE buttons (and controls in general).  There is no  BTN_DUMMY.Hide()   or anything.  I'm really lost here. 




HOW do I hide / show  controls on my PMpage (buttons, listboxes, radiobuttons etc)  with a click on my BTN_HIDE button?  Or how do I just do it in general? What's the code I need?


I know it's probably something really obvious but I'm stuck.


Thanks in advance,