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    Original Creator of a file?

    Becky Brown

      Hello, I'm not sure if this the right place for this question but it's my best guess.


      I am in college and currently in a class that uses Soldworks 2011.  For our final project we have to create and build a working grandfather clock.  Basically we are given the drawings and we must render all of the parts and assemble them.


      Anyway, I have been spending late nights in the computer lab working and during that time I have been seeing several groups of kids "sharing" their parts with each other via USB flash drives and such.  This is obviously against the rules and it bothers me so I am wondering if is there is anyway to see the original creator of a solidworks part file?  I want to do the right thing and report this to the teacher but don't really want to unless I know that he can go into the cheater's file and find hard physical evidence that is was not theirs and that they got it from somebody else.  Basically I don't want the go up to the teacher and be the "snitch" and start a bunch of drama when in the end all he has is who's cheating by word of mouth.  So I'm wondering if there's something he can go and look up (properties maybe?) and see that their file was not theirs and was taken from a flash drive.


      Thanks for any help/responses.