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Question asked by robert dattilo on Apr 18, 2012
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        I had someone send me a step file of the 3d sketch portion of my attached file. This is in a product with my co. but for question purposes, the cylinder attached, will do.

I usally use the solid model techniques but in order to incorporate this feature as is, I'm thinking that the surface tools might be better but I'm not seeing the

best way to go about it.

       My first question is what might be the best way to put some surface skin on this, so I could knit it together, & then turn it into a solid model feature.

I'ts a simple feature, but done in a complicated manner, which i'm not finding easy to work with.

       The second question would be as far as the 3/d sketch goes, what might be good ways of constraining it.

       I've found both a bit difficult to deal with, & if I can't constrain it, as long as I can get some skin on the body & turn it into a solid feature, perhaps that

would be enough to get through for now.


     Thanks for any input in advance;


      Rob _D SW 2012 sp1