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Old data interfering in a search card

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by Tim Read

I have a search card with some variables for a spacer component.  We will keep this simple. First variable will be a combo droplist for Size with two choices - small and large.  Second variable will also be a combo droplist called Thickness with three choices - thin, medium, and thick.


Thickness is controlled by the size variable.  The small size can have all three thicknesses but the large size can only be medium or thick.


If I perform a search with only the size showing I will get many files for each of the two sizes.  I can also select a thickness and it will work - most of the time.  The problem is when I have selected small size and thin but then change my mind and select large with no thickness called out.  This will yeild zero parts in a search when it should show many.  The reson is that it still thinks "thin" is selected even though that is not an option for large, it's not showing on the card, and it can't find that configuration.  If I go back and select small size you would see that the "thin" will still be selected.


Does anyone know of a way that this will automatically clear out when a "controlled by variable" changes?  Or I might even take a "clear all selections" button?