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Opening "All file types" as default option.

Question asked by Ben Fulton on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by Ben Fulton

This drives me insane.


Can someone please tell me how to change a setting (if it exists) to force Solidworks and/or PDM to open "All file types" as default. Rather than it bringing up the Open file dialogue with only Parts or only Assemblies. I know Solidworks likes to think its intuitive with its apperant ability to see what I was working on last "Oh you were working on this last, I think youll probably want to do it again" kind of thing, but not always, and I wish it would sometimes just go away.


Show me all files type in the folder please!!!! I realise there is a drop down to change this, but I want this drop down to come up as All files types as default, everytime.