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    Mirroring help

    Mason Watson

      Hi, I am new to solidworks and I cannot get this side of the car i modeled(yes i know its bad) to mirror. If anyone could help or do it for me, itd be much appreciated, its due for a school project in a day.



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          Salim Benyoucef

          welcome Mason,


          It's very easy to do mirror, just you need to add mirror feature and select the right plane, select field bodies to mirror, in your graphic area select the surfaces to be mirrored.

          You can add knit surfaces as options, but as I saw you were build your model without tangency.Car1.jpgCar2.jpg

          To get a tangancy you must do the below tips :

          1- In the picture one, you must made this spline on plane.

          2-You must made extruded surface blind of any dimension as shown in picture 2.

          3-Now you can made your feature surface (lofted, boundary surface,..), now you can made the tangancy with knit surface enable.

          4-See picture 4, how the surface is smooth.